Passport to the Wines of the World - Reception

Use Eddie to custom design an international wine tasting reception to "kick-off" your meeting. This can be either a pre-dinner wine and light food reception, or it can replace dinner if done with more substantial hors d'oeuvres.


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Participants will be issued Passports that direct them to various stations that feature delicious wines and appetizer combinations from the most famous wine producing regions of the world. Eddie will work with your chef to create these unique food and wine combinations. These can include selections from France, Italy, Spain and Germany, to New Zealand, Australia, Argentina and Chile as well as the United States.


Meet America's 1st Master Sommelier! Eddie will be on hand to answer one-on-one questions. This wine tasting reception causes people to move around the room. This creates a good opportunity for networking and building rapport amongst attendees. Often people feel uncomfortable at these receptions, feeling that they have to make some idle "chit-chat".


Eddie selects unique food-wines, strategically chosen to enhance the hors d'oeuvres, which offers them something to talk about. People never bring pens and paper to events, and therefore never remember what specific vintages or precise food and wine pairings they experience. The Passport they are issued delineates all of the food and wine of the evening, and thus serves as a useful and informative souvenir of your event.


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Benefits to Clients


Typical Results You Can Expect From Eddie Osterland's Programs:


  • You Save. The very next day your executives will be spending less money when entertaining clients, thanks to Eddie's new Executive Entertaining Strategies.
  • How? Their "comfort zone" will be expanded so as to explore the lesser known/equally good wines of the world that cost half as much.
  • Eddie will EDUCATE them by showing them how to be better buyers (Learn a new set of ABC's: Anything but Chardonnay, anything but Cabernet!)
  • Eddie will ENLIGHTEN them regarding how to choose "food-wines" (those that are more appropriate with food) and that will certainly heighten their dining experiences.
  • Your executives will enjoy a heightened "self-esteem" thanks to their newly learned abilities to discuss wine and food at a much more sophisticated level. No longer will they let the restaurant experience happen to them, but rather they will take charge of it.
  • And don't forget about the FUN they will have just learning about it. Eddie "uncorked" adds an all important component of levity to your meeting.


A Session with Eddie Osterland will demystify wine and answer questions like:


  • Improve business impact by incorporating new executive entertaining strategies.
  • Ensure an entertaining experience gaining these new insights while building strong team relationships within your company.
  • Empower people by showing how to choose/combine foods and wines with confidence, whether at client events, in their homes, or at restaurants.
  • Teach attendees how to taste wine like a Master Sommelier.
  • Why should all red wines be slightly chilled?
  • Which wines need to be aged?
  • Why shouldn't you smell corks?
  • What is a "food-wine?"
  • What makes some wines very expensive?
  • Which are the best wines to combine with foods?


Staging and Technical Information:


  • Lavaliere, wireless microphone
  • Rear projection screen (with valence kit) positioned to right of Eddie 6 X 8 feet (up to 150 persons) 7.5 X 10 feet for larger groups (Lights behind screen must be darkened)
  • Flip chart with black, blue and red markers (not a white board!)
  • 3 X 6 skirted table in front of room
  • Sound mixer on same table patched to house system
  • Liter of water (no ice)
  • 1 lemon (on butter plate)
  • 1 bottle of any red wine to be used as a prop
  • Room set up classroom style (no round tables), spaced so that waiters can get through to pour the wines
  • Room must be very cool!

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